My Story

I first became intrigued by photography as a boy, watching my Dad cycle through old Kodachrome slides on his projector during one of our many family slide nights. My parents had travelled widely in their youth and during these slide nights I was transported to the dusty back roads of Afghanistan, the cobbled streets of Europe or to the mountainous regions of Nepal.  

It was while I was on my own travels that my passion for photography grew.  Capturing the beautiful soft morning light over hay fields in France, the daily life of small fishing villages in Italy and the interesting aged faces of old men in Turkey had me hooked.

These days I enjoy collaborating with like minded creatives and helping clients communicate their vision as a commercial/advertising photographer. You can check out my other website here

I love the New Zealand landscape, getting out on the road and capturing moments along the way. Seeing my work printed and framed gives me great pleasure and I am happy that I can now share that with you.